Starfleet relaunches USS Columbia after major refit

Starfleet relaunches USS Columbia after major refit

STARBASE 118 — After an extensive retrofit, the venerable starship USS Columbia was reactivated under the command of newly promoted Captain Theo Whittaker.

The Nebula class USS Columbia (NCC-85279) has taken part in many missions for the Federation, her last assignment being one of the ships attached to the Andaris Task Force in the Par’tha Expanse. Although still connected to the Andaris Task Force, the Columbia will leave the Par’tha Expanse to its new responsibility of exploring the Sagittarius Reach, a vast unexplored region outside of Federation space. Joining Captain Whittaker will be the crew of his previous assignment, the Olympic class medical vessel USS Blackwell, which is being decommissioned for an expected overhaul.

The USS Blackwell has seen quite a few adventures herself: confronting an ancient enemy, the Hur’q, and the most recent transpired to a search and rescue of a very old and previously deemed lost crew of the starship USS Fortwith on a lifeless planetoid, P-409 Sigma. The Blackwell has been recalled after requiring many repairs and refitting due to the dangerous nature of the Par’tha Expanse.

Vastly improved since it was last in service, the Columbia has been retrofitted with the latest technology, including a top-rated propulsion system, state of the art sensors, cutting-edge medical facilities, and expanded sciences laboratories.

The vessel holds a special place in the hearts of a few of the senior staff, including Captain Whittaker, as the Columbia was the first ship they had served on before the retrofit. Some of the newer crew members expressed excitement in transferring to their new ship.

“I wasn’t in Starfleet when the Columbia was first launched, but I am excited to serve aboard a ship with the history the Columbia has,” remarked Chief Tactical Officer Krindo Pandorn.

Admiral Vivian Hauke at Starfleet Command spoke to the press as well about the relaunch.

“We at Starfleet Command extend our best wishes to the Columbia and her crew on their endeavours in the Sagittarius Reach,” she said.