Narala names Ventu as Federation Secretary of the Exterior

Narala names Ventu as Federation Secretary of the Exterior

PARIS, EARTH — Federation President Narala has appointed the newest member of her cabinet: Ambassador Lily Ventu to the post of Secretary of the Exterior.

“Ambassador Ventu has ably served the Federation in a diplomatic capacity for many years. She has firsthand experience in representing us to our galactic neighbors, and I can think of no one better skilled to advance our interests beyond our frontiers,” said the President in a brief statement to the press announcing the appointment.

Ventu’s is only the latest in a long line of new cabinet appointments since Narala’s inauguration earlier this month. Among the President’s other newly appointed advisers are Harriet Howe of Earth, Senral Usei of Betazed, and Khiri Khibluk of Tellar, who will serve as secretaries of Justice, Culture, and Communications respectively.

A native of Paris, Ambassador Lily Ventu previously ran against Narala in last year’s presidential election. She has been one of the Federation’s ambassadors-at-large for many years and was responsible for a large amount of space to the galactic west of the Federation’s presence in the Alpha Quadrant. The Astrofori One station in the Menthar Corridor is among one of her most notable achievements.

She also previously served as a counselor and a diplomatic officer in Starfleet in the 2380s. Noted for her emphasis on seeking understanding and peace with the Federation’s neighbors, her appointment by Narala is a strong indication of the new administration’s approach to foreign policy.

“I am thrilled to serve the United Federation of Planets as the head of the Department of the Exterior,” said Ventu. “My presidential bid was founded upon a platform of aggressive peace and an increased focus upon foreign affairs, and I could be placed no better to see those goals realized for the betterment of the whole Federation.”

Some political analysts believe Ventu’s appointment was not based solely on her diplomatic experience, but also because it resolves a political problem for the President, at least in the short-term.

“Narala is following an age old political maxim,” said Professor Alix von Meck of the University of Bremen. “‘Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.'”

Ambassador Ventu’s platform in last year’s presidential campaign focused heavily on the Federation’s relations with its galactic neighbors, while Narala made domestic issues her main priority. Some analysts, Professor von Meck included, believe the appointment is Narala’s way of keeping Ventu both satisfied and out of sight.

“With Ventu busy working on the fringes of the Federation,” says von Meck, “she won’t have the time or the visibility to portray herself as an alternative president-in-waiting.”

The Federation Council will hold a confirmation hearing for Ventu’s appointment at its next session later this week. With no vocal opposition to the announcement from Council members, the confirmation is likely to proceed uncontested.

With additional reporting from Nash Blaxland.