Original Nanpart Malor artwork sells for two thousand bricks of latinum

Original Nanpart Malor artwork sells for two thousand bricks of latinum

VOLCHOK PRIME — A small art auction held by a Ferengi trader quickly became a bidding war after bidders learned that an ink brush drawing by famed Cardassian artist Nanpart Malor was available.

The particular drawing at the auction was a drawing of a Gettle pack in red ink titled Sights of the Lakat Province #17. This piece was previously believed to be lost and was one of six missing pieces in the collection. Once assured of the piece’s authenticity by an art expert from the University of Culat, the bidding began.

With a starting bid of seven thousand bars of gold-pressed latinum, the price skyrocketed with nearly every collector at the auction trying to outbid the others. Representatives of the Central Museum of Remmil VI and the Royal Museum of Epsilon Hydra VII were among those in attendance. The bidding continued for ten minutes until Sights of the Lakat Province #17 sold for a final price of two thousand bricks of gold-pressed latinum. The drawing was sold to wealthy Betazoid art collector Lulo Karenn.

Professor Hanon Prelle from the Cardassian Central University explained that original works by Nanpart Malor are still being rediscovered long after his death.

“During his career, someone broke into Malor’s studio and a portfolio of his original drawings was never recovered,” said Prelle. “The culprits were never apprehended and to this day some pieces of art thought lost to history are being recovered across the Alpha Quadrant. A sample of Malor’s experiments with calligraphy in his art was found just last year inside a warehouse on Celtris III.”

A representative of the Cardassian Ministry of Justice declined to comment on whether or not an investigation into the Ferengi auction house’s acquisition of the art was being considered.

Many in the Cardassian art community consider Nanpart Malor a pioneer for his innovative uses of ink in his work in addition to his paintings. His work founded the Valonnan School movement. Traces of his style can be found throughout Cardassian art and copies of his work are highly prized by independent collectors and institutions alike.

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