Vulcan holonovelist Skilku wins premier prize for pushing the boundaries of the crime genre

Vulcan holonovelist Skilku wins premier prize for pushing the boundaries of the crime genre

VULCAN — Winner of the Saarum Strange Prize, the first holonovel in the Daavyc series has already begun to gain traction with the galaxy’s champion writers.

An outstanding plot, combined with original and obsessive characters to get lost in, suspense and terror to lose sleep over – You think you know crime writing? Think again!

Falling short of winning the coveted prize for fiction before, author Skilku showed his delightful surprise by deeming the competition as “satisfactory” and bestowing his gratitude for those who voted to keep the expanding series in the running. While there were many dry eyes in the house, the ceremony hosted in Vulcan’s prestigious ShiKahr Academy, there is a renowned respect for the clear imagination and dedication to the craft Skilku has shown.

“It’s not something you’d expect to find yourself in,” praised Ibil Graaax, a critic recognized for reviewing several leading literary works in recent years. “The deductive capabilities of the lead are almost Sherlockian in delivery; however, the writer has teamed this with a coalescing sequence of events, and an interesting twist involving, without giving too much away, Bendii syndrome, that leaves the reader questioning the very nature of the boundaries of the novel itself. It will keep you up at night.”

There are six holonovels currently in the works to be designed fully, which will continue to follow the adventures of the main character, Daavyc, into the crippling world of crime and thrilling intrigue. If harking back to the golden age of puzzles and vice whets the appetite for more, readers can expect the next installment of the highly anticipated, harrowing tale to be available on the Federation Library Network within the month.