Suspicions of increasing terrorist activity linked to Maquis Reborn and Orion Syndicate

Suspicions of increasing terrorist activity linked to Maquis Reborn and Orion Syndicate

BENZAR — Increasing evidence suggests what appeared to be randomised attacks of Federation and Starfleet locations and vessels since the anniversary date of the attack on Ohmallera (stardate 238802.22) have been part of a networked effort to destabilise the peace.

The seventh anniversary of the attack on Ohmallera by a hijacked Starfleet vessel bypassed the Federation News Service without much coverage; however, the events of that fateful day, of the 1.2 million souls lost, have endured for many. The tragedy sparked a backlash against Starfleet and the Federation government, leading to the formation of the Maquis Reborn, a terrorist organization who views itself as a militia and a resurrection of the original Maquis resistance. Their leader Nikael Kalre, who lost his wife and two children in Ohmallera, made his first strike against Starfleet in 2391, taking control of Deep Space 10. Though the group have not been able to launch another attack of that scale since, observers warn that a recent string of attacks could be part of a new campaign.

On stardate 239504.08, an Andorian freight transport found itself under attack by an unknown vessel. Sensor data has not been made available to the FNS but there are indications that this information has been passed on to Starfleet Command. Managing to hold their own against the attacker, the vessel was still able to disable sections of the Andorian ship’s shield, and transported sections of cargo from the hold, allegedly weapons.

“This unprecedented attack on a freight transport ship is an uncommon occurrence,” said Tenob Ch’eqolras, merchant fleet Captain of the Challorn. “As such, our merchant fleet has been placed on high alert for further conflict in the near future. We are fully cooperating with Starfleet regarding this matter.”

A Tellarite civilian transport vessel was left adrift on stardate 239506.28, again suffering under the actions of an unknown vessel. It has been established that no communication was offered from the vessel before it opened fire. The engines were disabled quickly, a sensor performed, before the offending vessel vacated the area with no further action.

“It was a small ship, about the size of a Defiant-class starship,” Tellarite Captain Grarsh Clolunsh said in his initial report. “It came out of nowhere, we could barely find it on the scanner before it started taking potshots at the shield to see where we were weakest. We didn’t have what it wanted and it disappeared just as quickly.”

Stardate 239508.22 saw the destruction of the Bajoran Freighter Kastor during a cargo transport between Betazed and Deep Space 9. The crew were not recovered. Bajoran authorities have issued a request for any and all information regarding the attack to be reported as soon as possible, but two months later the investigation has turned stagnant.

More recently on stardate 239510.08, the USS Degault, a Galaxy class starship and sister ship to the USS Constitution which had been used in the attack on Ohmallera, suffered extensive damage during a resupply stop at Benzar when cargo beamed aboard suddenly detonated upon materialization in its cargo bays. Starfleet is investigating the circumstances.

“We are looking at all possibilities, including accidental and malicious,” said Deputy Director T’Pres of the Starfleet Investigative Services. “Until we have something more definitive, we are not asserting any connections to other previous incidents.”

While speculation suggests that randomised attacks on civilian and Starfleet vessels are to be expected during the recent events taking place in our galaxy, there is an undercurrent of unspoken fear rising from the increase in activity from both the Maquis Reborn faction and the Orion Syndicate, with some suggesting they may be acting in unison, though there are few willing to surmise to what end.