Threat of “bomb cyclone” hampers installation of weather-control system

Threat of “bomb cyclone” hampers installation of weather-control system

RONARA — Reports of extreme weather have baffled engineers and meteorologists attempting to implement a weather-control system on the planet of Ronara.

Snowstorms, floods, avalanches and fires are among the reported incidents, and fears now indicate a “bomb cyclone” is due to descend. As the planet was about to be thrown into an ice age, scientists all around the Alpha Quadrant had been trying to figure out how to curb such an event by creating a weather-control system by building four satellites around Ronara. Built weather stations on the surface would allow a duality of a combination of controlled ground and air substances.

During the first three years, the Ronaran citizens enjoyed the weather, with each season the same, and if enough people requested for a certain weather pattern, meteorologists would enter a few commands and astrophysicists would slightly turn the satellites in such a way to grant freedom for the weather system to react to what was asked. The planet’s high volume of natural resources seemed to grow exponentially and gave the government an influx of economic wealth.

“We were living in prosperity and comforted security,” said Belkin Ospl, a local tradesman. “It wasn’t until a year ago when some pretty abnormal events started to rise. We thought nothing of it at first.”

With the seasonal changes the controlled weather system brought, it also started to interfere with the planet’s core. Becoming hot to the extent that galvanized wires that held up bridges started to wither away until it became a peril to structural integrity, including building collapses. At first, the engineers were at a loss to the cause. Droughts started which turned crops and farms into dust in a matter of weeks.

“I lost my family’s business,” said N’Val, a generational farmer. “In just a month, everything was gone which my ancestors started millennia ago.”

Unexpected and unpredictable earthquakes occurred that baffled Geologists and Seismologists. The epicenters were hard to search for with the incorrect amounts of pointless data which caused major continental shifting allowing for avalanches and volcanoes erupting. Thankfully, through the aid of Starfleet, mass evacuation from the planet was organized, though few were unlucky as they succumbed to the disasters.

All around the world, electromagnetic storms and tornadoes started to damage the weather stations. Scientists scrambled as the threat of a bomb cyclone is beginning to loom over their radars.

Now, the government and scientists are asking for help with the coming of an apocalyptic event of epic proportions.

“This is a message to all known life in every corner of space,” pleaded Grahm Nortus, the Ronaran President. “We need help and will do anything to restore our natural way of life. Our planet is on the brink of extinction. Our ignorance is leading to our demise.”