Lawbreaking And Drunkenness Aboard The USS Fortuna – Double Standards In Starfleet

Lawbreaking And Drunkenness Aboard The USS Fortuna – Double Standards In Starfleet

USS FORTUNA — An anonymous source aboard the Starfleet vessel USS Fortuna (NCC-79904) has reached out to the FNS claiming that there are secret stashed of Romulan Ale hidden across the vessel.

The Commanding officer of the Fortuna, Captain Konstantin Drurgovich, and members of the senior staff refused contact with the FNS, but our anonymous source confirmed that Captain Drurgovich knew of the Ale stashes and that he and several members of the senior staff were fond of the illegal drink.

“It’s a disgrace!” Our source said, “Starfleet is supposed to defend the laws of the Federation, yet how can we do that when our own officers break those laws with no regard for the consequences. It is shameful and must stop!”

When asked why they didn’t contact Starfleet command, our source stated it was a consideration, but surmised it would have led to only the Fortuna being investigated.

“I know we aren’t the only ship with this problem.” We were told, “I have a friend serving aboard the USS Krotus (NCC-80049), who told me that Romulan Ale is readily available in their crew lounge. If I shame the entire fleet, nay, the whole Federation with this news, then Starfleet Command is more likely to do something about this disgraceful situation”

It is unknown exactly how many ships in the fleet suffer this problem. Starfleet Command has released a statement saying that they are looking into the problem.

With officers of the fleet engaging in actions such as these, who might know what they are truly doing out there. What other laws are they breaking which they should defend? How many more double standards does Starfleet hold?

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