Disgraced Minister of Health Yara Fennet Escapes Custody Before Trial

Disgraced Minister of Health Yara Fennet Escapes Custody Before Trial

AAVARO WILDS – Following her arrest after a violent attempted coup, former Minister of Health Yara Fennet has escaped custody, mere days before her trial was to begin.

The once reclusive Aavaro Wilds planet known as The World is facing yet another crisis. Yara Fennet, the disgraced former Minister of Health for the society known as “The People” has reportedly escaped the World’s Justice Complex and fled into the Wilds.

“It happened so quickly,” said bystander Thoth Amudul, who had enjoyed breakfast in the Complex square when the escape occurred. “All I could hear was disruptor fire, after my ears stopped ringing from the explosion, of course…”

Witnesses reported that at approximately mid-morning, a group of armed figures beamed into the Complex lobby and stormed the building, killing three Justice Regents and injuring at least a dozen with explosive devices. Security footage provided by the newly installed Free Press Co-Op of the World shows the figures, wearing facial recognition descramblers, shooting their way into Fennet’s holding cell and aiding her egress via shuttlecraft.  Said shuttlecraft subsequently evaded Regent pursuit.

The World recently endured an attempt to overthrow the government, an effort spearheaded by the ex-health technician, thwarted with the assistance of the Federation Starship Eagle. A source close to the investigation suggests that authorities are looking into a possible “purist insurgence” that has cropped up in the wake of Fennet’s fall and urges travelers and ships to consider Fennet armed and dangerous.

Authorities have requested that all information regarding the whereabouts of Fennet be reported either to their now open comm channels, on any available and/or functional Aavaro Wilds subspace relays, or to the nearest Federation Starbase.