Mystery Taskforce sets sail from Starbase 118

Mystery Taskforce sets sail from Starbase 118

STARBASE 118 FNS — A flotilla of Starfleet vessels was recently spotted assembling near to Starbase 118 as several undertook resupply and personnel transfer operations from the station.

After several days of assembly, the small force — believed to be operating under the command of Taskforce 288 — began to move. Slowly and steadily, the eight ships massed in a loose formation around the group flagship, the USS Mayoko.

An Odyssey-class starship, the Mayoko leads a force comprising the Prometheus-class USS Traviel; Olympic-class, USS Eugene Roe; Luna-class, USS Heliodora; Horizon-class, USS Blue Horizon and a trio of Nova-class the USS Grand Canyon-B, USS Ingvar and USS Meili.

This latest occurrence follows sharply on the tail of rumours someone from his own people forcibly extradited a Klingon officer from the station, along with two snatched Starfleet officers, also the reason for the sudden departure of the USS Narendra.

No information about the purpose of this flotilla or its destination was available at present.

The ships moved away and engaged warp just one day after the seemingly hurried launch of Commodore Sal Taybrim and the Narendra, adding fuel to the rumours the vessels set out to conduct a dragnet search for a Klingon Bird-of-Prey belonging to decorated former Starfleet Commander, Vivienne Hatfield.

Recent discoveries led to believe Commander Hatfield is a member of the Cult of Molor, a Klingon faction shunning the ways of Kahless in favour of Molor.

More on this story as it develops.

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