First Galactic Ice Hockey Tournament Kicks Off on Andoria

First Galactic Ice Hockey Tournament Kicks Off on Andoria

ANDORIA – Andorian Aces and Kindred of Kahless meet on the ice in an epic battle for the title of Champion in first Galactic Ice Hockey tournament held on Andoria.

Ice Hockey, a popular sport from Earth, has taken off amongst the many races of the federation, and several of her neighbours too. As is stated in the name, this particular sport is played on a field of ice. It should come as no surprise then, that the Andorians, who inhabit the frozen moon Andoria, would naturally gravitate toward this sport.

Ice Hockey has always had a reputation as an aggressive sport, and unsurprisingly this has drawn the attention of the Klingon Empire. They have fielded a team for the first Galactic Ice Hockey tournament, which is being held on Andoria. Several other planets within the Federation have fielded teams too, including five teams from Earth, which is unsurprising when you consider the fact that they invented the sport.

With Andoria hosting the tournament it seemed only fitting that their team, calling themselves the Andorian Aces, be the first to play, and with the Klingons as the only non-federation species attending it seemed respectful that the Kindred of Kahless opposes the Aces for the first match.

Both teams gave it all they had, and both teams walked away with an assortment of minor injuries. Some concerns were raised by officials when one of the Andorian players collided with one of the much larger Klingons and suffered an injury to his antenna, rendering him out for the season. The Galactic Ice Hockey league promises that they are looking into the incident and say that they will be amending the rules with clauses regarding injury to antenna, tails, and other uniquely sensitive and vital pieces of alien anatomy.

In the end, the game was very close with the Klingons taking it 4-3.

“It was a glorious game!” Echak, son of Mellor, Captain of the Klingon team reported after the match. “The Andorians played with the honour and ferocity we expected from them, and they proved more challenging than we expected. However, I never lost faith that my brothers out there in the ring would seize victory!”

The Andorian team could not be reached for comment but released a statement affirming their Klingon opponents played well and deserved their victory.

Fans are now waiting eagerly for the second match of the tournament when the Saurian Strikers are set to take on the first of the Terran teams, the Canadian Chargers.

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