Experts troubled as Andoria suffers unprecedented heatwave

Experts troubled as Andoria suffers unprecedented heatwave

ANDORIA – Environmental scientists are concerned as the frozen moon Andoria, homeworld of the Andorian people, is experiencing a heatwave longer and hotter than anything on record.

The heatwave began almost four months ago, yet experts say it shows no signs of cooling any time soon. Throughout the past months, temperatures at the equator are consistently rising to over 20°C. During a hot summer, temperatures along the equator of Andoria often climb to a marginal degree above zero on the Celsius scale.

“Andoria does have heatwaves from time to time,” said Tharsaohl ch’Kavert, an Andorian Environmental Scientist. “Typically, they happen every few years. However, there are none like this in living memory. We have consulted with Clan historians, who recalled tales of longer-lasting heatwaves from before our written records began.”

Concerns have also been raised by the Aenar living beneath the Issa Ice Cap at the Northern Pole of Andoria. With temperatures nearing zero, they fear that should they pass above the level of freezing, melting ice could cause structural damage to their subterranean colony as the ice shifts and foundations are weakened.

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