Starfleet Academy Cadets Strongly Suspect Spirit Haunting Halls

Starfleet Academy Cadets Strongly Suspect Spirit Haunting Halls

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – Every year, bright-faced and happy-go-lucky Cadets enter Starfleet with nothing but a dream and a wish in their hearts, eager for learning and to one day step aboard a Starship as a fresh-faced Ensign, and perhaps one day… a Captain. And, like clockwork, every year rumours arise about The Haunting.

“Look,” said Cadet Arisa, a second-year medical cadet. “I’m not saying I believe in spirits or whatever, but sometimes at night… Sometimes, like, you hear things.”

Cadet Linn, a third-year Bolian science cadet, offered her own explanation for these strange occurrences.

“It’s just some other Cadets,” Linn stated, a Bolian of a nervous disposition glancing over her shoulder. “Some of them are loud at night, and they bang on things. Completely unwarranted and, as Spol would say, illogical, but I’m not anyone’s mother here.”

However, some like Orion Cadet Try, believe that the spirits are real.

“One night,” he related as he stacked PADDS onto a tray, looking back and forth. “I swear I locked my window and door. I’m paranoid, or so says my roommate. But around two in the morning, I wake up and my window and door are open. And there’s a woman. Just, a random woman, her hand reached out to me. I reached back and poof. She was gone. I fell asleep and then I woke up and my door was locked window was open though.”

Over the years, several cadets have provided evidence of unusual events. One cadet reported ‘spheres of light’ bouncing in the hallways, while another reported a window opening on its own, The most daunting of these was a faint silhouette of someone within a room that appeared almost translucent.

Commander Thomas Jones, a science instructor, expressed frustration over how these reports affect cadet morale.

“I’m sure the students love Halloween, but for one year could we not terrorise the newcomers with thoughts of possession and the undead?”

More information will be reported as additional details come to light.