Rumours of Iconian Artifacts spark archaeological “Gold Rush” in the Alpha Isles

Rumours of Iconian Artifacts spark archaeological “Gold Rush” in the Alpha Isles

THE ALPHA ISLES, ALPHA QUADRANT – After the recent discovery of Iconian “Gate” technology on Isles planet Theta 122, the region has become a new hotbed for independent treasure hunters and archaeological expeditions.

While the planet’s Atlas Base has yet to address the sudden influx of “wildcat operations” — unsanctioned or unaffiliated outfits that operate with their own capital and infrastructure — sources from other Isles installations have expressed concern regarding the new arrivals.

Discovered just weeks ago by Federation patrol ship USS Arrow, the ship’s crew neutralised the Iconian “Gates”, thought to be thousands of years old. Next, the same crew made them ready for transport to nearby Starbase 821, where the device will undergo further study and then shipped either back to the Sol system or to one of many awaiting museums currently in negotiations for the rare intact pieces.

But while Starfleet Command has taken extra precautions to ensure their travel, Administrator for Forward Refit Station-1 (more colloquially known to the area as RAFT-ONE) Myssa T’Vaz warns it won’t be what leaves the area that should be the cause for concern. It’s what its discovery will bring in.

“Look, I am all for the forwarding of archaeological understanding,” said the steely Admin, currently serving her first term. “But we’ve already seen at least two groups of cowboy “adventurers” blunder into the system seeking their fortunes and glories. They only found blood and unfortunately, it was their own.”

Backing up the administrator’s claims are scattered reports of a student collective attempting to set up a dig site on a small moon, yet a local Chalnoth hunting party battered the group and news of a small “territory dispute”, recently fought in the interior of RAFT-ONE. Two “teams” of amateur treasure hunters had picked up the same rumour about another “hot spot” in sector space and apparently came to blows between who had the stronger claim.

“This is just the start of it,” warns T’Vaz. “Every day more and more tinpanners cross the stars and think they are gonna find the next “hot site”. It ain’t gonna end well for anybody, I guarantee it.”

Atlas Base administration declined multiple offers for comment throughout the process of this reporting but offered a terse statement that they were working tightly with the patrol ship Arrow’s staffing and Starfleet Command to stay abreast of developments and provide support and resources as allowed.

More on this situation as it develops.

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