Class 2 Freighter found smuggling Tallonian Crystals and Romulan Ale

Class 2 Freighter found smuggling Tallonian Crystals and Romulan Ale

GALEN – A Markalian freighter was seized in the Talarian system by Starfleet officers from the USS Ravana after an investigation determined they had been smuggling contraband.

On a routine patrol of the Talarian system, the USS Ravana intercepted a freighter flying erratically, eventually forced to disable its systems so a boarding operation could be started to investigate the aberrant behaviour.

One of the crew, a Ferengi merchant named Olarad, piqued attention by attempting to bribe Starfleet officers with extremely restricted contraband. Upon impounding the ship, they found cases of Romulan Ale and Tallonian crystals.

Federation Security is asking any sentient who may have had contact to contact them with clues about how they were acquired. In addition, speaking from Starfleet Command,

“We are still seeing pirates operating across the verge of the Federation, and we urge all citizens and governments to maintain proper security as we work to hunt down these pirates.” Starfleet Command Lieutenant Mer Kava remarked. “The smugglers captured will be prosecuted according to the law.”

In the meantime, famed archaeologist Kynon Diseth, from the Independent Archaeologists’ Guild, will lead a small task force to return the crystals and to perform some further archaeological research.

“We are providing additional security to protect them from any would-be raiders. Wouldn’t want to lose these to the wrong hands, would we?”