Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239605

Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239605

From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet.

Crew of the USS Apollo-A Welcomed to StarBase 118 in Momentous Merger
STARBASE 118 — StarBase 118 has welcomed on board the senior staff of the Odyssey-class USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) upon its return from deep space exploration operations within Delta Quadrant. The Apollo completed the tour of duty with prestige, and the existing crew transferred to the station to continue their work in the hopes to better service the Trinity Sector.

Eagle Officers and Refugees Rescued From Alien Imprisonment
AAVARO WILDS — Following an unusual and hostile first contact, the USS Eagle managed to secure members of her crew from captivity, inciting diplomatic unrest in the process.

Manhunt Begins For Fugitive Starfleet Officers from USS Gorkon
TYRELLIAN SECTOR — A Federation wide manhunt for escaped prisoners Valesha Sienelis and accomplice Orson Marshall ordered to ensure their timely capture, reportedly fleeing on a stolen prototype shuttlecraft.

USS Veritas Defeats Ancient Defense System, Sentinel, in Menthar Corridor
GAMMA CAMELOPARDALIS SYSTEM — The crews of the USS Veritas and USS Solaris have successfully neutralized an ancient Menthar defense system that became active at the former site of Astrofori One.

USS Montreal First Officer Captured by Vulcan Extremist
KARRAKA, SHOALS — Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek of the USS Montreal has been captured by a Vulcan Extremist known as Lenik.

USS Atlantis Scrambles to Investigate Disappearance of Deep Space 26
PAR’THA EXPANSE — Deep Space 26, the only Federation stronghold within the confines of the Par’Tha Expanse, has vanished.

Embassy crew attempts to secure escaped android, leading to its own demise
TALISON FOREST — The intense pursuit of a renegade android by the crew of the Embassy of Duronis II ends in android’s self-destruction.

USS Constitution crew evacuates remote outpost in the face of immediate danger
GAMMA ORIONIS — The crew of the USS Constitution evacuated a significant research outpost before an approaching life-threatening storm could endanger the away teams.

Historic officer exchange underway between USS Columbia and Imperial Losarian Commonwealth
LOSARIA — As part of cultural exchange between Starfleet and the Royal Court of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth, three senior staff and several enlisted crewmen from the USS Columbia (NCC-85279) have been invited aboard the Imperial Losarian Cruiser Illrith.