Narala wins 2392 presidential election

Narala wins 2392 presidential election

NIMBUS III — After a long and hard-fought campaign, Nimbus III Chief Administrator Narala emerged victorious in the race to become the next Federation president.

“This is the first step to true unity within the Federation,” said the President-elect to cheers from her supporters who had gathered in the central square of Paradise City on Nimbus III to hear her victory speech. “The election may be over, but an even greater challenge lies ahead. Whether you live in Paris or here in Paradise, you deserve to have your voices heard, and I am humbled by your confidence in me to get the job done as your next president.”

Campaigning on a promise of greater representation for all Federation worlds and a record of fighting corruption and leading her homeworld to economic prosperity, Narala faced challenges soon after she announced her candidacy at the beginning of this year when questions emerged about her legitimacy to run given Nimbus III’s status as a shared world among the Federation, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Klingon Empire. The matter was taken to the Federation Supreme Court, which ruled in her favor, affirming Narala’s Federation citizenship and her residency on a—while unique—still Federation world.

Election Results Analysis

Narala-chartThough Narala had led in the last few polls leading up to the election, having gained a boost from her well-received performance in the final FNS presidential debate, the breakdown of the election results show that the final vote tally was much closer between the candidates.

Ventu-chartNearly a third of voters ranked Ambassador Lily Ventu as their first choice for president. An additional 15% ranked her second, showing that the ambassador’s message of peace and understanding resonated with 45% of the voters. However, there were nearly just as many who seemed skeptical of the ambassador’s approach, with 42.5% ranking her as their last two choices.

Steiner-chartPerhaps unsurprisingly given that his views on foreign policy were in direct contrast to Ventu’s, Terra Novan Federation Councilor Kevin Steiner proved equally divisive among voters, with a similar number of voters ranking him in their top three choices or in their last two choices.

Kthria-chartThough she garnered the fewest number of first choice rankings, citizens still were receptive to Excellency Kthria’s bold proposals for reform and sector-level administration, with the Trill Chief of Staff earning the highest number of second choice rankings among the candidates. All together, nearly two-thirds of voters ranked her in their top three, the second highest total after Narala.

Vor-chartAxanar Governor Adellia Vor had the second highest number of first choice rankings after Ventu, with a quarter of voters picking her as their top choice. However, she also proved to be the least popular candidate overall, with 47.5% of voters ranking her in their last two choices.

Ultimately, Narala’s broad support carried her over the hurdle to the win, with over two-thirds of voters ranking her in their top three. Current Federation President Nan Bacco, who is preparing for her visit to the Romulan Star Empire, congratulated Narala over subspace. Meanwhile, Kevin Steiner also gave the president-elect his congratulations as he addressed his own disappointed supporters from his hometown of Logan City on Terra Nova.

“It was a spirited campaign season, and I enjoyed discussing and bringing to light the important issues that will require continued examination and thought as we move forward to the next century. I wish President-elect Narala well as she prepares to lead this great Federation,” he said. “Though we ended up short, I remain appreciative of getting the privilege to travel across the Federation to meet my fellow citizens from all walks of life. I am inspired by your passion, and I will continue to stand up for you and your families within the chambers of the Federation Council. Lastly, I want to thank my wife Adelise for always being my greatest supporter.”

As touched upon in the debates and the Berengaria Caucus, President-elect Narala will have no shortage of issues to deal with when she steps into her office at the Palais de la Concorde in Paris, Earth. Piracy, the Maquis Reborn, tensions with the Klingons, and the continuing recovery of the economy following the end of the Federation Transport Union strike are just a few of the issues facing Narala once she is sworn in next month. For now, though, Narala and her supporters have a chance at last to relax and celebrate.