Federation Council refuses Bajoran appeal to host trial of Cardassian war criminal

Federation Council refuses Bajoran appeal to host trial of Cardassian war criminal

PARIS, EARTH — In an unexpected twist of events, the Federation Council has upheld its decision to forbid Bajor from hosting the trial of Cardassian war criminal Breloc Tejar.

Over three months have passed since Tejar was located in Federation territory. Though a full investigation was launched in the hopes of identifying the reason for Tejar’s trespass and the circumstances surrounding his discovery, little understanding has been gained. Despite this, the Bajoran Council of Ministers launched an appeal toward the Federation’s leadership, attempting to repeal a previously established verdict.

The first attempt to gain this recognition failed, with the Federation denying permission for the relatively new member world to host the proceedings, citing the less than impartial views held by much of the ruling body on Bajor. It was felt that someone who had helped to strip a planet of its natural resources and enslave the population would not receive a fair and impartial trial or be protected from the public.

The upholding of this verdict has enraged many Bajorans, both within and without the government.

“It’s inconceivable. Outrageous!” said Azin Gredia, a member of the Council of Ministers. “We are a member of the Federation and have been for more than five years. As such, we are guaranteed equal treatment under the Articles [of the Federation], but this example of discriminatory behavior proves that such lofty aspirations are often abandoned when convenient.”

Gredia, in later comments, maintained that Tejar would receive the same level of protection that he would on any other Federation installation or planet, were it to take place on Bajoran soil.

“I’ve always known joining the Federation was a terrible idea,” stated Henthen Ortemsi, a local Bajoran shopkeeper. “First the Cardassians and now the Federation are hanging us out to dry, as you humans say. It’s despicable.”

Malisha Graft, a representative of the Federation Attorney General, released the following statement on the subject: “We have the utmost confidence in the Bajoran people’s intent to serve in a manner consistent with the laws and goals of the United Federation of Planets. Our refusal to honor this request is not without considerable debate and discussion. We sympathize with the people of Bajor during this disturbing time.”

It is unclear if the volatility of this current situation could influence the upcoming art exposition being hosted by Bajor.