Trill Festival of Life kicks off with dancing, food, and costumes

Trill Festival of Life kicks off with dancing, food, and costumes

TRILL — As millions across the Trill homeworld observed the first day of the Festival of Life, others beyond the planet have also begun partaking in the annual celebration.

“It really has become a Federation holiday and not just a Trill one,” said Ashana Kazor, mayor of Trill’s capital city Mak’ala. “It’s a time to celebrate the joy of existence itself and all of life’s experiences.”

It is perhaps unsurprising that the nearly month-long Festival of Life originated from a culture that values the experience of multiple lives made possible through the unique relationship between Trill symbiont and host. Still, even those confined to one lifetime’s worth of experiences have also found meaning in the holiday.

“To me, the Festival of Life is like if someone took Mardi Gras, the Bajoran Gratitude Festival, and Federation Day and amped it to warp 10,” said Colin Moreno, a human musician who plans to take part in the festivities happening in the Trill district of Polar City on Rigel IV.

In addition to music, food, and dancing, one of the highlights of the Festival of Life is the intricate costuming that participants are encouraged to wear throughout the festival. Originally reflecting different figures from Trill’s past and mythology, today one can see costumes that range from artistic interpretations of various wildlife to those based on the eccentric wardrobe of Kerelian pop singer Anaiyah.

At the end of the festival is the Parade of Costumes, in which the participants march through a main thoroughfare. Onlookers judge the quality of the costumes and cheer for those they deem to have won best in show. Some celebrations of the festival have even begun crowning formal winners in various themed categories, although this is not based in Trill tradition.

“They’re getting a bit carried away,” said Tir Nemin, a dentist who was watching the first celebrations underway on Trill. “The Festival of Life isn’t about being a competition. It’s about coming together to celebrate that we’re all here, somehow in this crazy universe and despite the odds.”

Judging by the crowds dancing behind him, the festival’s true meaning hasn’t been lost just yet.