New Dominion War memoir makes bold accusations against Federation and Starfleet leadership

New Dominion War memoir makes bold accusations against Federation and Starfleet leadership

EARTH – A new tell-all memoir by a decorated Starfleet veteran is making waves for its unflinching criticism of Federation and Starfleet leadership during the Dominion War.

The memoir by retired Starfleet Captain Ignacio Fierro entitled The Sacrifice of Angels: A Captain’s Account of the Dominion War features Fierro’s recollections serving in the greatest war in Federation history. Laden with unapologetic descriptions and strong language, it is not for the faint of heart.

Yet Fierro’s book is hardly the first raw retelling of one veteran’s memories of the war. What has brought attention to the book instead is that several times throughout the memoir, Fierro blatantly claims that military strategists and field commanders he served under were grossly incompetent, and in some cases, even corrupt.

“It was then I realized they had no understanding of what was truly happening on the front lines,” he writes. “To them, they were just faceless names on casualty reports. How else to explain the callousness with which they sent us to our deaths, outnumbered and outgunned?”

Captain Fierro served with distinction for nearly four decades in Starfleet. Graduating third in his class at the academy, Fierro began his career as an engineer before eventually moving into command. By the time the Dominion War broke out in 2373, he was captain of the USS Emerald, which fought in multiple engagements with the Dominion, including several of the largest and costliest battles such as the Battle of Tyra, in which only fourteen Federation ships out of 112 survived. After the war, Fierro remained in the service, teaching at the academy until his retirement in 2384.

Starfleet Command had no comment on the memoir, which is due out next week from the New Berlin Press.