Minor Seismic Activity Delays Goods from Bolarus System

Minor Seismic Activity Delays Goods from Bolarus System

BOLARUS IX – While most of these minor quakes have registered at magnitude 2.3 or lower, their unexpected frequency has been a source of concern for the commercial hub. With two earthquakes occurring on the same day, planet authorities have put measures in place in case there is more substantial activity soon.

Seismic activity of 2.5 or less is often regarded as too weak to be felt. This implies there is no collateral damage and no civilians are affected.

The planet’s massive underwater infrastructure have received the greatest attention in the safety measures, and the planet’s almost 6 billion residents have been told that there is no reason to be concerned.

The measures have resulted in modest delays in minerals that flow via the Bolarus IX hub, while seismologists investigate and study the area. Rodinium and polyduranium alloys, which are extensively employed in the manufacturing of Federation spacecraft, are facing the largest delays.

“We expect shipments to be back on track in the next days,” Factory foreman Yal Nehino said this morning in a brief video conference. “We do not expect to see any disasters, but we require a few short days of preparation to guarantee that heavier losses do not occur later on.”

Although the delays are minor, Federation Shipyards. will undoubtedly feel them Consumers can expect a slight increase in the prices of alloys, minerals, and other goods that typically pass through the Mineral Chute trade routes until shipments resume on schedule.