Outbreak of Kamaraazite Flu on Castal I, Sparking Anti-Talarian Sentiment

Outbreak of Kamaraazite Flu on Castal I, Sparking Anti-Talarian Sentiment

CASTAL I – A medical relief ship from Starfleet has been sent to help control an epidemic of the Kamaraazite flu on the Federation colony stationed on Castal I. Anxieties between Federation and Talarian relationships renewed over the cause of the plague.

Earlier this month Starfleet dispatched the USS Marie Curie to Castal I on a medical relief and aid mission, but what they discovered there was far more problematic than the Kamaraazite flu. Several officers, commenting anonymously, have spoken to the FNS after observing worrying trends of xenophobia and isolationism which have divided the colony’s population along xenophobic lines.

“It’s a real tragedy,” said one Medical Officer, speaking confidentially, “these people have lived and worked together for years, but the spectre of an illness as virulent as the Kamaraazite flu has made citizens deeply fearful for their safety, and that of their families.”

The officer said that the isolationist practices are doing little to combat the problem and exacerbating it as sick colonists are not seeking medical aid outside their own communities.

“They should go back where they came from,” Irrigation Specialist Daniel Jeronic told us, “I’ve lived here my entire life and we never had problems with diseases until those filthy Talarians showed up.”

Jeronic continued, “I’m not saying all aliens are bad – far from it. Nice clean folks like the Vulcans or the Betazoids are always welcome here. But these Talarians just don’t know their place.”

The Marie Curie will remain in an orbit of Castal I until the flu outbreak is under control, but Colony Administrator Shenoc T’Lala, worries about the lasting damage this xenophobia could cause to her community.

“We have to work harder to educate our population on the realities of the situation and not give in to fear-mongering by a few agitated citizens. My administration will set up a special task force hoping to foster renewed understanding between our fine citizens, and those of our visiting neighbours. The core of the Federation is cooperation and we’re confident that, once this crisis passes, people will return to a more reasonable state of mind.”

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