Galactic Soccer Championship set to break loose on Risa

Galactic Soccer Championship set to break loose on Risa

QANTA CITY, RISA — After three years of qualifications, teams across the galaxy have gathered for the Galactic Soccer Championship to vie to become champion of the Galactic Cup.

Risa has promoted this event gracefully among the social networks and is receiving its well-deserved work back. As the planet known throughout the galaxy as the “pleasure planet,” it is receiving already a 64% increase in guests. The Risa Hedony has expanded their hotels and increased the beaches for guests to enjoy their time. Starfleet Security has been asked to oversee the security of the event and the streets at Qanta City. The Risians’ soccer team coach is already expressing the gratitude that the tournament is being held on their beloved homeworld.

“We are honored to be chosen by the Galactic Soccer Board as the host of this beautiful event,” said coach Temal when he was spotted by one of the reporters that awaited the team’s arrival at the Rain Resort & Spa. “We look forward to show our skills on the field and fight bravely for the cup.”

The competition is fierce this tournament as a total of fourteen teams will be part of the GSC, fighting for the Galactic Cup.

“We have kept our eyes on the progress of the soccer qualifications towards this wonderful event,” said GSC chairman Xorc Fataarc, the Tellarite tasked with coordinating this event, his first, that started three years ago. “I must admit that having 245 species as part of these qualifications rounds is harsh logistic work, but in the end we are here to give the people a great show to watch.”

So what teams will be fighting for this glorious Galactic Cup and how did they actually do it to get so far in this game? These are the ones that really shined in the qualifications.

Risian Storm Phantoms

We know for a fact that the Risians will be sending their team the Storm Phantoms towards this event. Their own planet soccer teams fought for the Risa Trophy, and the best athletes were selected for the Storm Phantoms. Their main strength is their ability to change their field tactics within minutes to confuse their opponents into not knowing whom they should be targeting.

The Iron Blades of the Klingon Empire

But the Storm Phantoms have a harsh challenger. I am talking about the Iron Blades, the pride of the Klingon Empire. Their tactics are aggressive and yet on the line of the rules. Though the relationship between the Federation and the Klingon Empire has been tense at times over the last three years, they were approved by the GSB. They made it through the qualifications after taking down the Deltans’ team without remorse. We can expect a lot from the gameplay of these Klingons.

Andorian Ice Spartans

Yet the Andorians don’t lack bite either. Their qualifications round was quite tense against the Rigellians, but the Ice Spartans won 3-2. The Ice Spartans notably have more female members than male members among their roster. Their team play is solid, and they don’t mind playing it foul to get their advantage. They are not to be underestimated.

Orion Mad Claws

The underdog of this whole tournament is of course the Mad Claws of the Orions. Most say they cheated their way in the qualification rounds and bribed the judge that was on the field, but nothing was solid enough to dismiss their victory. These pirates or outlaws will have a hard time on the field, but who knows, they might actually steal the Galactic Cup.

Tough Tournament Ahead

All in all, we have indeed a show to look forward to. These teams and others that qualified for this tournament won’t hold back and will show everything they’ve got in the fight for the Galactic Cup. The streets are getting full, people are enjoying the weather, and I am eager to see the first match between the Storm Phantoms and the Brave Bulls. Stay tuned!

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