Brekkian governments held hostage, forced to sign partial unification accord

Brekkian governments held hostage, forced to sign partial unification accord

DELOS SYSTEM — Fifty-two government officials representing 32 regions on Delos IV were held hostage for eight hours this week when a group of “unsatisfied Brekkian citizens” isolated the politicians in their own government building and demanded that they sign a partial unification accord.

The Federation’s relationship with the Brekkian people has been strenuous at best following Starfleet meddling nearly three decades ago between the Brekkian and Ornaran cultures, effectively freeing the Ornaran people from wrongful servitude to the Brekkian people. Federation vessels of any kind struggle to enter the Delos system without a flare-up of diplomatic conflict with Brekkian representation, in spite of the efforts made by the quickly redeveloping Ornarans.

Historically a society not united under one government, this week marked the first time leaders of approximately 32 Brekkian territories came together to discuss trade and possible unification – talks of which experts suspected would result in very little. But tense discussions were quickly done away with when a group of just six citizens managed to take control of the building, refusing officials exit until such time that all 52 people unanimously agreed to a large document, dictating exactly how a unified government would operate and the penalties that would be incurred if the leaders failed to follow through.

The six offenders were described as “possibly Brekkian” in appearance, wearing white clothing and appearing non-hostile. Witnesses indicated that no weapons were used during the building’s takeover, and no injuries were reported. The leader of the group, an aging Brekkian man with brown hair and eyes, wearing a white beanie, called himself “Jhalen Novu”, and spent much of the eight hours seated with access to a rebreather (possibly suffering a medical condition). He was described as “calm” and “extremely understanding” – strange descriptors to give someone responsible for a hostile takeover.

Diplomatic conflicts with the small and easily forgotten world of Delos IV have been far and few between, the last involving an argument over the allowed immigration of a Betazoid child born on Brekkian soil back to the Betazed homeworld. Though Federation President Narala expressed concern over the hostage incident, no offer of assistance has been extended to the Brekkian people.

“The Brekkians are not allies – the Federation can barely claim to even be an acquaintance,” said Narala’s office in response to FNS query. “The Federation cannot help disputes had on worlds that are outside of our space, have had no interest in even opening channels for civil discussion with the President, and are intentionally passive aggressive towards Federation vessels passing through the Delos region. As such, we will not be sending help to resolve conflicts on Brekkian soil that do not concern Federation citizens.”

According to Brekkian news sources, all government officials were released after signing the partial unification accord, and the six offenders escaped the building shortly after. All Federation citizens have been advised to avoid Delos IV, though no travel restrictions have been placed.

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