Nyberrite Alliance increases recruiting of ex-Starfleet personnel

Nyberrite Alliance increases recruiting of ex-Starfleet personnel

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Disturbing reports have been received that many Starfleet personnel are joining the Nyberrite Alliance once they have completed their tour of duties.

The main group reported as enlisting are usually crewmen up to the rank of petty officer. Naturally, this is a very worrying finding, and investigations are in motion to discover the root of this disturbing trend. Initial reports are that crew unsatisfied with promotion prospects are joining for opportunities to advance in rank and gain honour as what is classed as an equivalent to an old Earth military called the Foreign Legion.

The French Foreign Legion was active in the 19th, 20th, and 21st century. It served across Earth in many conflicts. The Nyberrite Alliance has a similar reputation. So far, unconfirmed reports believe the Nyberrites are preparing for combat with an as-yet-unknown opponent. It is rumoured they may well be planning an offensive against the Orion Syndicate. FNS has yet to find a Nyberrite to confirm these reports; however, the loss of many exceptional Starfleet personnel will surely be a blow for starship operations across the Federation.

In a meeting with the press, Admiral Jenkins at Starfleet Command unveiled plans to aid retention.

“Crew who take this offer can elect to do a reduced semester of officer training or receive enhanced training to help them achieve higher rank/responsibility if they choose to accept it,” said Jenkins.

Another high ranking Starfleet official who did not wish to be named stated that Starfleet is looking into additional plans to tempt crew to remain with the service rather than leave.