Ferenginar trafficker poisoned by Vulcan Le-matya beasts

Ferenginar trafficker poisoned by Vulcan Le-matya beasts

FERENGINAR — Under the rain-soaked atmosphere of the Ferengi homeworld, a notorious animal trafficker has succumbed to a fatal poisoning after receiving mortal injuries from Vulcan Le-matya beasts smuggled to Ferenginar.

Over sixty Le-matya beasts were discovered yesterday on an agricultural property in the region of Gonahl alongside poisoned Ferengi business owner Girrot, who was known within the local area as an entrepreneur and more widely as a trafficking smuggler. The casualty was transported to the medical facility in the capital city of Fereng, where it is reported he died shortly after from a combination of the wounds and the inability to pay for the antidote.

Believed to be purchased recently and smuggled from Vulcan, the beasts in question are considered to be in good condition, despite their issues with the wet Ferenginar environment and change in climate to their dry and warm requirements.

Although it is still unclear as to how the logistics of the trafficking occurred, authorities have confirmed several small craft vessels under the ownership of Girrot were seized alongside the animals and are enduring a careful investigation into other perpetrators that may have collaborated with the Ferengi. Anyone who may be in possession of information pertaining to the crime, or others, may report it to the proper authorities.

“It is a regrettable situation that the beasts were transported from our homeworld,” explained Federation zoologist T’Pasik, who possesses an extended career in studying the Le-matya. “However, the recovery of the animals is expected within the month, and Vulcan acknowledges the agreeable return.”

Approached for observation, the Ferengi Commerce Authority declined to provide commentary on the situation and insisted all regulatory information be procured from the local authorities on Ferenginar.