Major delays for travelers after Red Carrier passenger transport makes emergency landing

Major delays for travelers after Red Carrier passenger transport makes emergency landing

MARS — A passenger transport vessel was forced to make an emergency landing today on the nearby moon Deimos after a substantial coolant leak was detected during mid-flight checks.

The passenger transport Seven Stars, operated by Red Carrier, was bound for Risa when an unexpected coolant leak was detected soon after departure by the engineering crew during routine maintenance checks which forced the ship’s captain, Domenic Alegre, to divert to Deimos, safely evacuating the ship at the base on the moon. It was later discovered that an error in the injectors to the propulsion system had caused the engines to overheat, forcing the Seven Stars to cut its trip short and inducing massive delays in transportation from Mars due to a high volume of flight cancellations.

“It was a routine trip until the alarms sounded when we got past Deimos. We quickly turned around and landed safely,” Captain Alegre remarked. “I am grateful that my engineering staff was able to keep the propulsion from severely overheating. It could have gotten much worse had we continued on our course.”

“There were alarms and screams throughout the ship,” said Mitchell MacDonough, a passenger who was interviewed on Deimos after the landing. “If this is how Red Carrier keeps up their ships, I might just have to look at another starline.”

No one was injured in the incident and engineers from Utopia Planitia were dispatched to Deimos to ascertain what caused the error. Speculation swirled that this might be another of a series of maintenance shortcuts that Red Carrier has been accused of in the past. The Seven Stars remains on Deimos until it is deemed capable of traveling back to Mars for further evaluation. The passengers were afforded alternate transportation to Risa by Starfleet in an effort to ease the delays on Mars.

Officials at Red Carrier issued a statement to assure the public.

“We’re thankful no one was injured during this isolated incident,” read the starline’s statement. “We at Red Carrier are committed to providing safe transportation to all our passengers.”

Further requests for comment have gone unanswered.