Starfleet Science Opens New Academy Near Cardassian DMZ

Starfleet Science Opens New Academy Near Cardassian DMZ

SETLIK III – Starfleet Academy Division of Science & Arts announced this week that with the Cardassian Union, on Setlik III, a planet in the Demilitarized Zone, will unveil a new Science Academy.

The Academy, specifically designed, will accommodate for Bajorans and, on special dispensation, accepted Cardassian cadets. Invited by Starfleet, this will fill multiple positions in some divisions that have been understaffed in this sector of the Alpha Quadrant. The Academy will also staff several Bajoran teachers accepted to teach Starfleet cadets.

Dr Almas Thye, a Bajoran astrophysicist, will also take on directorial duties.

“This academy will allow the Federation to aid in the reconstruction of the Cardassian Union by offering many promising duty posts for Cardassian cadets,” said Dr Robert Dawn, lead sociologist attached to nearby Deep Space 9. “A united scientific program will help approach the remaining tension between the Bajoran and Cardassian people.”

They also offered Dawn to fill in teacher duties for sociology students, especially with his expertise in Cardassian societal structures. Other prominent teachers include Vulcan mathematician Dr Riann, an expert on Non-Euclidian Geometry, and Dr Liam Atkinson, an expert on Bajoran architecture.

Including the ill-noted Cardassian, Dr Rivall raised many questions. The extended offer to fill in duties as a microbiology teacher, however, made several Bajoran staff complain about his position.

“Dr Rivall has conducted experiments on sacred Bajoran grounds during the occupation time,” said Dr Alvas, medical teacher on Bajor. “His methods are questionable, at best.”

Whether the Bajoran staff will work closely with Cardassian teachers will be up to the administration. However, the Betazoid guidance councillor attached to the Academy, Dr Fari, assured someone will thoroughly screen all the staff before admission.

“Dr Rivall is a renown master of microbiology, one of the best in his field, at least in the Alpha Quadrant. Because of his past, he wants to make amends towards the Bajoran community,” she explained. “We will not overlook his actions against the Bajorans, but we would rather focus upon his accomplishments in his field.”

The idea is to open the Academy which presumably will go by the name New Scientific United Academy earlier this year.