USS Moniy Finds Ancient Alien Runes On Mars

USS Moniy Finds Ancient Alien Runes On Mars

MARS – Investigators from Starfleet Science division onboard the USS Moniy, led by Commander Andy Dreyfuss, have discovered several undecipherable writings in a cavern near the north pole of Mars.

The science team was sent to the red planet to investigate reports of several strange readings in the region. However, Cmdr. Dreyfuss stumbled upon an undiscovered cavern some distance west of the planet’s magnetic north pole. Inside, the ship’s crew discovered several markings of an unknown alien language.

“This is such an amazing discovery,” exclaims Ens. Trialy. “I have never seen anything like this before. Maybe these findings will show us who set foot on Mars prior then we did.”

Other teams of multiple species, including Vulcans, Tellarites and Betazoids, have reported in, to investigate the markings, which are already stirring up linguistic groups at Starfleet Science. Earlier investigations into deciphering the runes were unsuccessful.

However, other science teams reported mild readings of chroniton emissions, which indicated signs of temporal distortion. Whether temporal meddling was involved, is still under investigation.

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Anna de Vos is a Dutch reporter for the FNS. She was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2356. She holds two doctorates in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics. She lives in Amsterdam with her husband and her two daughters, and in her daily life, she teaches science at Paris University.