Tetraball legend Taase Ripre dead at 109

Tetraball legend Taase Ripre dead at 109

ASHALLA DISTRICT — Her name is all over the Tetraball record books, holding more titles than anyone in the game’s history.

Remembered for her rise to fame playing for the Varan Vipers, winning a record eleven Trinity Sector Champions League trophies, over twenty various league titles, and a record of fourteen Trinity Sector Challenge Cups.

“Our thoughts are with Taase’s family at this very sad time,” expressed Varan Vipers spokesperson, Riri Vope. “She is not only a legend amongst Vipers fans but throughout the world of Tetraball.”

Unsurprising, given her early support of the relatively unknown sport in 2363. In previous interviews on her initial foray into Tetraball as a viable galactic sport, Taase discovered the game on a Velocity tour of Beta Antares IV, and advocated for the founding of an Interstellar Tetraball Foundation. She served as one of the founding members and representatives until her declining health in recent years.

“We are incredibly sad to lose one of our own,” ITF Publicity Chairperson Norem Kaam said, expressing the grief of the teams. “She never missed a chance to show us how our interstellar sports could benefit from expansion, inspire all around the galaxy, and reach the hearts of billions. Truly, she was a star.”

Several of her former teammates have come forward to express their gratitude for the life of the graceful and dignified athlete, who endeavoured to inspire everyone she could, including her many devoted fans through an incredible eighty-year career. For some, she was a shining beacon during the years of the Bajoran Occupation, and continued the same work in her home on Starbase 118’s Ashalla District, reaching out to the communities.

“She was unbreakable, the stuff of stars.” Ache Alraso, Captain for the Varan Vipers said, exemplifying her courage and tenacity. “A personal hero and I’m forever grateful I could call her my friend.”

As the 2398 season is due to start imminently, a special presentation covering the life and work of Taase Ripre will feature and will be available for all Thunderbolt Sports Report subscribers, as well as viewable on all major networks during the event itself.

The FNS extends its condolences to the family and will pass on well-wishing communications received.

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