Ferengi Commerce Authority warns of an increase in the circulation of codrite – AKA “fool’s latinum”

Ferengi Commerce Authority warns of an increase in the circulation of codrite – AKA “fool’s latinum”

FERENGINAR — Ferengi traders have found themselves victims of the recent rise in the use of worthless currency, particularly in the Alpha Quadrant.

The Ferengi Commerce Authority (FCA) issued a warning today to all traders, especially those in the Alpha Quadrant, to be vigilant when accepting payment in the form of gold-pressed latinum.

According to an FCA representative named Dren: “Many Ferengi traders have been disappointed and, quite frankly, insulted recently to be offered payment for goods and services in the form of fool’s latinum.”

Dren explained further: “Any Ferengi with the lobes for business can spot fool’s latinum immediately, but other, less financially astute cultures have been hoodwinked by conniving con artists, leading to losses for many traders when customers are unable to pay with the real thing.”

The counterfeit currency is also causing concern for the Ferengi economy at large. Mistrust sown by the circulation of codrite could bring about a loss of confidence in latinum, causing the genuine article to depreciate in value while prices of goods skyrocket.

Latinum is naturally found in the form of crystals. These crystals are mined and smelted to produce liquid latinum, which can be suspended within gold to produce slips, strips, bars, and even bricks of gold-pressed latinum.

However, opportunistic counterfeiters have seized on the discovery of codrite, which can often be found near deposits of latinum crystals and is very similar in appearance, though vastly inferior in value.

One such counterfeiter, who unsurprisingly wished to remain anonymous, said: “The Ferengi deserve everything they get. Don’t forget Rule of Acquisition number nineteen—satisfaction is not guaranteed.”