Constitution-class Vessel USS Ahwahnee Discovered Near Klingon Federation Border

Constitution-class Vessel USS Ahwahnee Discovered Near Klingon Federation Border

FNS HQ, MARS — Captain Frederick Thompson, of the civilian transport vessel SS Torquay, has discovered the USS Ahwahnee (NCC-2048) a Constitution-class vessel, floating near the Klingon Federation border. Reported missing, believed destroyed, now due to be recovered.

Initial investigations point to the ship encountering an as yet unknown subspace anomaly that killed all hands on board. Other than the tragic loss of life, the Ahwahnee is in near perfect condition and is due to be towed to Earth.

“The vessel is in superb condition, considering it’s been floating in space for years,” commented Chief Engineer Daniel Hallstrom of the SS Torquay. “Space is big though. No wonder no one found it.”

Starfleet scientists are excited to examine the vessel, believing the logs may show not only the cause of the incident but also provide clues on how to counter it in the future to preserve lives on board for the longest time possible.

Captain Peter Drex, holder of the Legion of Honor, the Star Cross and Starfleet Medal of Commendation captained the Ahwahnee. The family of Drex has a history of Starfleet officers in its ranks, including Lieutenant Commander Kayla Drex, recently serving on the USS Eagle (NCC-74659).

Starfleet has already sent subspace messages to Drex to inform her of the sad news and hopefully bring a close to the mystery of her Uncle’s disappearance.

Early plans are, after a full investigation, to turn the ship into a museum dedicated to “Operation Retrieve”.