Cardassian Archeological Team Discovers Ancient Bajoran Spacecraft Inside Tomb

Cardassian Archeological Team Discovers Ancient Bajoran Spacecraft Inside Tomb

CARDASSIA PRIME — An archaeological team from the University of Cardassia has discovered what they believe to be the tomb of an ancient Cardassian warlord. The tales of Arlek Dovahn are well known to the Cardassian people.

One of the many tales of Dovahn states that he took a wife who had descended from the heavens in a beautiful craft with gossamer wings. When they grew old together, his wife took him to the heavens in the craft she had arrived in.

Until recently, it was almost universally agreed among Cardassian scholars that this wife was a deity of unknown origin. When the remains of a Bajoran Lightship were discovered on Cardassia Prime 2371, scholars speculated Dovahn’s wife could have been a Bajoran astronaut.

The University team has significant evidence, pointing in favour of this being Dovahn’s tomb. From inscriptions on the casket to ritualistic reliefs carved on the walls. The first chamber held a significant amount of grave goods, intended to accompany the deceased to the afterlife.

What the team found interesting was the door to the second chamber which was metallic, not stone like others of the period. Not wanting to damage anything, the Cardassians spent a week carefully unlocking the door and opening it.

Upon gaining entry they found two caskets, both sealed. Initial scans inside the larger and more heavily inscribed casket showed the remains of a Cardassian male. The second casket bore a single line of inscribed text in an unknown language and is still being translated, however, it appears to be a mix of ancient Cardassian and archaic Bajoran. The preliminary study of casket two showed the remains of a Bajoran Female, Dovahn’s supposed divine wife.

“It was an amazing moment,” declared Professor Seakbi Zenrer, the leader of the Cardassian Archaeological team. “We know our people and the Bajorans have an unstable past, but we hope this discovery can help to bring our two people closer together, and end the tension between Cardassia and Bajor.”

This discovery shocked the archaeological team and were further shocked when the burial chamber was identified as the control room of a Bajoran Lightship. Further scans confirmed that the Lightship has been buried for centuries, and experts are working to date the tomb.

The Cardassian and Bajoran governments have been in contact with each other, however, neither has released a statement yet.