Crew of Earth Starfleet vessel rescued from P-409 Sigma after missing for two centuries

Crew of Earth Starfleet vessel rescued from P-409 Sigma after missing for two centuries

ALPHA CENTAURI — The University of Alpha Centauri has begun a project which aspires to shed some insight into what the early days of Starfleet and the Federation was like in its origins after the recovery of an Earth Starfleet starship and its crew that vanished about two hundred years ago.

Professor Marius Stana, author of The Lost Frontier, has commenced meetings with the crew of the starship Fortwith. The NX-class Fortwith was considered lost with all hands in 2153 until the USS Blackwell, assigned to the Andaris Task Force, discovered them last year on the planetoid P-409 Sigma in the Rettan Province of the Par’tha Expanse while investigating strange anomalous readings coming from that area.

The Fortwith crew were apparently trapped inside the anomaly and were rescued by the Blackwell with help from the Klingon vessel, Gik’tal. The recovered crew were treated on the Blackwell for severe exposure and transported back to Deep Space 26 at the entrance to the Jenatris Corridor, to be returned to Earth. An invitation to the University of Alpha Centauri has been extended to the Fortwith crew to speak about their experiences both then and now.

“This is an opportunity to explore our more distant past before there was even a Captain Kirk and to explore humanity’s desire to venture out into the stars. I am looking forward to picking their brains,” said Professor Stana in an interview with the FNS. “This could put a whole new spin on our nature.”

Some of the former crew had doubts about their contributions, but most are willing to tell what they know.

“I don’t know what I can tell them,” said Lieutenant Park of the Fortwith. “I’m just glad to be back, even though it is a bit late.”

The former crew of the Fortwith is now undergoing repatriation into the Federation. Once they have been evaluated and cleared by Starfleet Medical, the interviews are expected to commence in earnest.