Starfleet relaunches two ships amid protests

Starfleet relaunches two ships amid protests

MARS — Protesters gathered at the Utopia Planitia shipyards to voice displeasure at the relaunching of two starships, citing unnecessary expansion.

A group calling themselves Citizens Against Expansion gathered at the gates of the Utopia Planitia shipyards on the eve of the launchings to protest the militarization of the Federation and their expansion into areas not aligned with the Federation. A spokesman for the group decried the launches as a power grab.

“These ships are proof that the Federation is not interested in exploration, but expansion,” the spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous, remarked. “Why else would they be assigning warships instead of research vessels? This blatant grab for territory can only incite needless violence.”

Starfleet Public Affairs Officer Commander A.J. Claravolo pushed back against the group’s claims.

“Starfleet and the Federation have always committed themselves to the peaceful exploration of space,” said Claravolo. “Any ships that launch, including these two, will continue that commitment.”

The two ships will launch in a few days to begin their assignments.