Kthria to chair Colonial Coalition conference

Kthria to chair Colonial Coalition conference

ANORIA XII – The Colonial Coalition announced today a conference that will take place on the colony world of Anoria XII, to be chaired by Trill Chief of Staff Anaria Kthria.

“We are happy that the Federation and President-elect Narala are sincere in their desire to discuss our problems, but it will take more than words to reach an equitable arrangement and to prevent this from happening again,” said Zirathi Tormsa, a spokesperson for the Colonial Coalition who stood in front of the new debate hall at the University of New Madrid where the conference will take place. “We are one Federation, but it must be maintained.”

The Colonial Coalition has held a long list of grievances with the Federation, which were only exacerbated by the Federation Transport Union strike last year. Despite President Bacco’s negotiated deal to end the strike that called for augmenting Starfleet patrols with private escorts along trade routes, pirate activity in several sections of the outer coalition has not only continued but risen, and other outstanding trade issues remain. In addition, protests over the trade convoys being escorted by private companies – something that many in and out of the Federation are calling distinctly unFederation – mean that the convoy escort methods themselves are likely to be a point of contention at the conference.

Through her press secretary, Excellency Kthria released her own statement.

“I hope to reach an understanding that we can take to the President and the Federation Council and resolve the long standing dispute,” she said. “The dispute stems from a mutual desire to do what’s best for the citizens, and I am confident as long as we keep that in mind, our discussions will be productive.”

Analysts noted the importance of the conference after years of rising tensions between the outer colonies and the core Federation worlds.

“This may seem like a step towards resolving the situation, but if it’s not handled deftly it could cause the situation to spiral out of control,” said Professor Emil Arbelaez, the chairman of political science at Pike City University. “The indication that they have accepted former presidential candidate and still Trillian Chief of Staff Anaria Kthria is a good sign that the administration appreciates it, albeit a surprising one, as she is a well-known advocate of stronger sector governance.”

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Amanda Krellian has been a journalist for the Federation News Service since 2379. She has extensive foreign affairs experience and wrote an award-winning exposé of the reasons for the withdrawal from the Avalon Sector by the Federation. She hails from the colony world of New Arcadia and lives in New Numbidia.